Bloom's Taxonomy and Simple Ways of Improving Creativity

Bloom's Taxonomy and Simple Ways of Improving Creativity.jpg

According to the Future of Jobs Report of World Economic Forum, the top 10 skills we need to thrive in the fourth industrial revolution in 2020 will be including:

  • Complex problem solving

  • Critical thinking

  • Creativity

  • People management

  • Coordinating with others

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Judgement and decision making

  • Service orientation

  • Negotiation

  • Cognitive flexibility skills

In the workplace, creativity is one of the skills that employers and human resources managers are looking for when they hire employees, and this skill will not be easily replaced by Artificial Intelligence (Gray, 2016). However, some criticisms about the current education system that our teachings focus on exams too much and students are lack of creativity. Bloom’s taxonomy for teaching, learning and Assessment in 2001 demonstrated that these are six classifications of cognitive processes when learners work with knowledge, they are:

  • Remember

  • Understand

  • Apply

  • Analyse

  • Evaluate

  • Create

In the first taxonomy, learners can recall facts and basic concepts by defining what are they and memorising them. In the second taxonomy, learners can explain ideas and concepts by classifying and describing them. In the third taxonomy, learners use information in new situations by implementing, demonstrating and interpreting them. In the fourth taxonomy, learners can draw connections among ideas by differentiating and examining them. In the fifth taxonomy, learners can justify the stands or decisions by arguing and critiquing them. In the sixth taxonomy, learners can produce new or original work by designing and assembling them (Armstrong, 2018).

Bloom’s taxonomy shows us that learning is far beyond than remembering and understanding the concepts. Learners can be the creators of generating new concepts and ideas too. Although we know that creative thinking is essential for the profound learning process, how do we improve it?

Simple ways of improving creative thinking:

  • Try to do something new instead of following others’ footsteps

  • Think outside the box, which means don’t be restricted by the norms

  • Leave the comfort zone and embrace the uncertainty

  • Talk to someone you don’t know, and the topic is not a matter

  • Spend some time to do the “brainstorm” exercise with friends and enemies

  • Daydreaming is not a shame, but a miracle

  • Travel to a new place with a new perspective

  • Say goodbye to the judgmental mindset when you have something to do

  • Play with the kids, and their innocent can inspire you


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