Onehunga High School

Onehunga High School is a state co-educational school situated in central Auckland. We sit on the banks of the beautiful Manukau harbour, the first port settled in New Zealand in the 18th century. 


Our school was the first government secondary school to open a business school in New Zealand and we offer specialised business courses at years 10-12. We are also the only school to offer an English Language School option for adults aged 16 years and older. Students can study a full time English programme in our Language school called “Pathway to English Proficiency” or they can choose to study part time. Frequently we have parents come to New Zealand with their children and while their students study at the High School, the parents can study at our Language School. 

我們學校是第一所在新西蘭開辦商學院的政府中學,為10-12年班學生提供專業的商務課程。 我們也是唯一一所為16歲及以上成年人提供全日或兼讀制的英語課程。 我們經常有父母帶著孩子來新西蘭,當孩子在奧尼湖加公立高中學習時父母可以在我們的語言學校學習英語。

We offer the full range of academic subjects including many other vocational pathways for students. Our technology department has options from wood, graphics, automotive, electronics and a full catering and hospitality programme from year 9 onwards. Performing Arts is strong at Onehunga High School through dance, drama and music. 

我們提供全方位的學術和職業培訓課程。 從9年班開始,我們的工科部門提供木匠、平面設計、汽車、電子、餐飲及酒店管理課程。 奧尼湖加公立高中的表演藝術方面也很強。

At all levels our international students achieve success particularly at Year 13 where we generally have 100% pass rates. 


Students from all over the world are welcomed each year to our school. We generally accept up to 35 full time students with around 10-15 students short term of two semesters or less. Some students only come for a few weeks to immerse themselves in our “Kiwi” culture and to build relationships and improve their English. Our full time homestay co-ordinator does homestay placements in local families and monitors each student individually. 

我們每年都歡迎來自世界各地的學生,一般接受最多35名全日制國際學生,短期體驗課程約10-15名學生,他們有幾週的時間沉浸在“新西蘭”的文化中,與本地生建立友誼並提高他們的英語水平。 我們的全職寄宿家庭協調員為國際生安排寄宿家庭並盡責監督每位學生。

It is very important to us at Onehunga High School that each individual international student achieves the success or pathway they desire when they enrol. We are fully staffed with four full time in the department. 


Onehunga High School has 1100 students enrolled from year 9 to year 13. All students are part of a unique Kaitiaki programme where they have a sole tutor who meets regularly with them to monitor progress and achievement. Each six months the parents (or homestay parents) meet with the Kaitiaki teacher and the student to discuss how they are doing and how they will achieve against their present results. This programme supports all students and offers a distinctive advantage for those who are focused and motivated. It also encourages all students to be responsible and special in their own way. 

奧尼湖加公立高中由9年班開始至13年班共1100名學生。所有學生都參加一個獨特的Kaitiaki計劃,他們被分配一位指導老師,定期與他們會面以監督進度。 每六個月學生父母或寄宿家庭的父母會見Kaitiaki老師,討論學生如何實現定下的目標。 該計劃支持所有學生並為上進和積極的學生提供明顯的優勢,鼓勵學生負責任和找人生的方向。

As students come into High School education in the 21st century it is vitally important that we recognise the different world they are experiencing. Students learn very differently today even compared to 19 years ago. As a school we recognise the shift in how students learn, what they know when they get to school and what the world and their world could look like in the near future. We know we need to “future proof” our young people for the challenges ahead and give them the tools to survive and achieve their own successes. 

隨著學生在21世紀接受高中教育,我們認識到他們正在經歷不一樣的世界。 與19年前相比,今天學生的學習方式截然不同。 作為一所學校,我們認識到學生學習方式的轉變,他們上學時學到的知識以及未來世界會是什麼樣子。 我們知道,我們需要為年輕人提前準備未來的挑戰,為他們提供生存和實現成功的「工具」。

There is no longer one way to look at educational success and pathways. At Onehunga High School we have the latest technology, a youthful knowledgeable and energetic staff who help guide students through each programme. 

教育的方向和成功不再只有一個標準。 在奧尼湖加公立高中,我們擁有最新的技術、年輕的知識淵博和充滿活力的員工,幫助指導學生完成每項目標。

Linda Melrose, International Student Director 

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