Why are design thinking skills vital to us?


We all have experienced the problematic situations no matter our roles are students, parents, employees, entrepreneurs, professionals or CEOs. What do we need to have when we deal with challenges? Some said: Knowledge. For sure yes, the existing knowledge could solve our problems but could not solve the problem we have not seen before. What do we need to have when we are facing the new challenges? The answer is design thinking skills.

Design thinking skills are not for designers to learn only, and everyone should learn how to design our thinking for finding the solution innovatively. According to the Sandford d.school, design thinking can be identified into five stages, and they empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test. To do design thinking, we need to understand whom we design for? We need to listen and understand what our users’ need before starting our design. Then we ideate the products, services or solutions by challenging the assumptions and traditional models, in this sense, having the innovative mindsets are very important. Once we have the prototype, we can start creating a solution and finally we will need to test it.

Video 1: What is Design Thinking?

Video 2: Design is not a thing but a mindset


What Is Design Thinking?


16: IDEO's Tom Kelley is Design Thinking's ultimate disciple, he makes the case as to why.


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