Ken Robinson's Changing Education Paradigms

Factory Line of Education Model.png

In the 19th century, public schools had the purpose of training students' skills to work for the industries and eventually education could serve the nations' economic prosperity. However, some argued that public education system produced the social structure that it divided people into two different types, they are academic (smart people) and non-academic (non-smart people). In this system, most people suffered and the notion of “fictitious epidemic of ADHD” was addressed. Even today,  the education system seems to suppress students' aesthetic experiences, and they tend to deaden themselves to what’s happening around them. Should education putting people asleep or waking them up to what they have inside of themselves? In the old days, students worked hard on their studying could guarantee them to get the decent jobs in the future. However, the situation has been changing in the 21st century.

Degree can not guarantee a job.png

If the paradigm of education has been changing, why the public schools still run as the factory line model? Why are students assessed with the model answers? In reality, do we solve problems with the existing solutions? Why do our schools emphasise producing intelligent but not creative people with the attitude of collaboration?