TED Talk: AI can help us to create jobs with compassion

Dr Kai-Fu Lee (李開復), an artificial intelligence (AI) expert, believes that AI and mankind can co-exist. Deep learning of AI Technology can use big data to learn how to predict and decide at superhuman accuracy. Dr Lee said that “I have to make myself safe, right? Really, the creative jobs are the ones that are protected, because AI can optimise but not create”. He emphasised that “work ethic in the Industrial Age has brainwashed us into thinking that work is the reason we exist, that work defined the meaning of our lives”. In the future, AI will take away most of the routine jobs, and these are not what we are about. Human is different from AI because we have love and compassion. When AlphaGo defeated the world champion Ke Jie, did AlphaGo feel the happiness from winning the game? When the era of AI technology comes, we should create more jobs allow us to express our love, compassion and creativity; and it will be a way to make our life meaningful.

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How AI can save our humanity? Talked by Kai-Fu Lee


Header Picture by Ramón Salinero on Unsplash