Finding one true calling or embrace different passions?

In our societies, we appreciate a person who can find his/her one true calling, pick one interest, stick to it and finally succeed in the professional field. For a person who has passion with many different things, our cultures teach us that this is wrong or abnormal. However, Emilie Wapnick has a new perspective that having interests in doing different things is beautiful and she calls this type of person is a "multipotentialite". For example, Dr Bob Childs is a luthier and psychotherapist. Amy Ng is a magazine editor turned illustrator, entrepreneur, teacher and creative director. They show us that being multipotentiality is not a limitation or an affliction but powerful. There are three multipotentialite superpowers:

The first one is “idea synthesis”, multipotentialite can create new things at the intersection by combining diverse fields. For example, Sha Hwang and Rachel Binx drew from their shared interests in cartography, data visualisation, travel, mathematics and design; and they founded Meshu, a company that creates custom geographically-inspired jewellery. 

The second one is “rapid learning”. When a multipotentialite has an interest in trying new things, he or she will go hard and start from the beginning.  Multipotentialite does not afraid of stepping out of the comfort zone and re-starting again, the skills he/her has learnt can transfer to another discipline for pursuing the new area. 

The third one is “adaptability”; every multipotentialite can morph into whatever he/she need to be a given situation. For example, Abe Cajudo sometimes is a video director, a web designer, a Kickstarter consultant, a teacher, and James Bond. He is valuable because he can take on various roles for different needs.  “Adaptability” is identified is an important skill to develop and to thrive in the 21st century. We need the out-of-the-box thinkers to tackle the complicated and multidimensional problems in reality. 

Indeed, specialist and multipotentialite can be the beautiful partners and work together for creating the inspiring ideas and things. Don't be afraid to embrace your passion for doing different things and believe that the world needs you.  

Source: Emilie Wapnick at TEDxBend “Why some of us don't have one true calling”

Header Picture by SH Lam on Unsplash