Want to have a Good Teacher? Be a Good Student first.

Based on the law of attraction, we need to be "good" to attract good people around us. The logic of having good teachers are the same. Finding teachers is not difficult, but finding good teachers are much more like finding the treasures in the deep ocean. The reasons are the demand for good teachers is much more than the supply, and good teachers have more opportunity to choose which students they teach. Good students have the tenancy to be attracted by good teachers but how to be "good"?

Willing to learn 

Students do not need to show how much we know but how much we are eager to know. Learning is a beautiful journey if we devote ourselves to it. If students go to the university because of fulfilling parents’ expectation or deferring to work in the society; studying becomes a passive activity and unenjoyable. These students tend to choose the courses because of their parents, their friends, the salaries, the social status or how easy to manage. In these circumstances, students have the relatively low motivation to learn, and they may give up once they encounter challenges. To avoid this issue will happen, I do not suggest students choosing which learning path from the outside's pressures or motives, I instead recommend that students should find the courses they have passion with and the curiosity to know more. I observed that students who succeed in the universities are students who love what they are studying. Passion can motive students to learn, and show the resilience when facing the hardship. Eager to learn is one of the conditions to be a good student. 

Be Proactive 

Spoon-feeding learning habit is still prevalent in our country. Private tutoring is a massive business in Hong Kong and Mainland China. The advantage of hiring private tutors is students can receive the useful notes for the exam, and the disadvantage is they do not even need to think about how to solve the problems independently. Spoon-feeding culture can practice successfully in the exam-driven schools, but the reality is we face the world is not work in this way. We will not get pay based on how many A grade we get, the challenges in the workplace are more complex and unpredictable than we have in the schools. Spoon-feeding learning habit with standard answers is unhelpful to equip students when they transit from the schools to the corporate organisations. I found that some students who achieved the excellent grades in the public exam were also struggling in the universities. It is because they do not realise that independent learning is so important in the university life. Professors' teaching approaches are far more away from spoon-feeding practice, and proactive learning is essential for academic excellence. Therefore, students ask questions, participate in classes' discussion, and doing the independent researches are encouraged. Good students are students who can take the full responsibility for their learning processes and outcomes. 

 I heard from students' feedbacks that they are not happy in the current schools as the teachers are terrible. I am sorry for them, but I would tell them the only way to change the situation is to change myself first. Don't give up to learn even your teachers are bad. Once you improve yourself, you can have more power to choose good teachers and schools. Like playing the computer game, you have to be competent to overcome the obstacles to level up. Learning is a lifelong journey, and good students tend to attract good teachers.