Muddled Buddha

Master Chin Kung

Just like when I studied Buddha at the beginning, I saw Master Zhang Jia for the first time. He told me that if you want to learn to be a Buddha, you must first understand Shakyamuni Buddha. If you don't know Sakyamuni Buddha, you will definitely go the wrong way. This is a good suggestion, no one has ever told me. He asked me to read The Sakyamuni Pu and The Sakyamuni Fang zhi; so to learn to be a Buddha, you must start with studying about Buddhism, to study about Buddhism, you must know a person who is Sakyamuni Buddha. You must understand what has happened to him. Sakyamuni Buddha is not a God, not an Angel. He is a human being. What kind of person is he? Indians call him Buddha. The translation of the Buddha into Chinese means a person who is enlightened or awakened, and it has the same meaning of “sage” in Chinese. Chinese people called “saint” to someone who has already understood the truth about the life of the universe. Chinese people called these people are saints and Indians called them the Buddhas.

Bodhisattvas understand what the ultimate truth is, but they have not actualised the truth. For a person who has actualised the ultimate truth, we called Buddha. So you have to understand what it means. However, now many Buddhists who believe in Buddhism treat Buddha as a God and also treat Bodhisattva as a God. I am afraid that it is not right. This is what Master Zhang Jia said. You have gone the wrong way. Master Zhang Jia told me this in the past, and I gradually realised it later. Why? I saw many people superstitious and didn't understand the truth; take Buddhism as a God to worship. They don't know, these Buddha statues in Buddhism are just one of the forms for us to teach Dharma. It is not for you to put Buddha statues and incense in the temples to worship. The temple is like the museum; it is for teaching. These Buddha statues are the objects for presenting Dharma in a classroom, and the classroom is an integration between the temple and the museum. There is no separation. In the present words, it is the art of Buddhist teaching. Therefore, the Buddha's statues show people thirty-two forms, eighty kinds of goodness. What is that? This is a teaching about karma: the good consequence comes from a right intention.

Learning to be Buddha with the delusional heart,

Will be a Buddha, a Muddled Buddha.

Buddha represents a virtue after the spiritual awakening. Bodhisattva is showing us a path of how to be a Buddha. Virtue does not come from elsewhere, but already in each of our soul; what we need to do is to restore it. Buddha taught us; the scriptures reached the broad topics, you can see, the ancient Indian religions talked about six realms of existence in Samsara: gods, demi-gods, humans, animals, hungry ghosts and hells. Buddha said four more, including Sravaka, Pratyekabuddhayana, Bodhisattva and Buddha. In Dharma, the difference between Sages and ordinary people is how much awareness of the self. Sages know the true self, and the ordinary people know about the ego self. Learning to be a Buddha through the ego-self will become similar to Buddha, but not Buddha. What is the true self? The self can keep its origin even though the six-senses are functioning in society. Greed, jealousy, idiot, arrogance, doubt, selfishness, fame, wealth and desire are the pollutions. We live in communities with these pollutions and forget about the wisdom from the true self. If we do not make it clear, we learn to be a Buddha, yes, can be a Buddha, can be a muddle Buddha, don't you think so?