Study Destinations

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The United Kingdom & European countries

A long historical heritage culture of Europe is an essential place for international students to explore abundant life experiences. It will be an unforgettable memory to study in a beautiful Europe with a unique chance to enjoy classical music and architecture. For the U.K boarding schools, students are preferable to apply for Year 7, Year 9, or Year 12. International students can also apply for the foundation after F.5, Undergraduate degree after finishing secondary education, or Postgraduate after completing a Bachelor's degree.

Australia & New Zealand

For people who love nature and adventure, Australia and New Zealand are the best places for international students. In N.Z, overseas pupils can pay for the affordable international school fees to enjoy high-quality secondary education in state schools. Most of the schools are day-based, and international students can stay with host families. Some independent schools welcome international boarders from Year 7. In the universities, the popular degree programs include health science, business, computing, engineering, and design.



canada and the United States

These are the best destinations for self-motivators who are willing to take life challenges. No matter the high school or college students, they can have plenty of opportunities to explore their true-potentials. Students are given autonomy to try new things and innovative ways of thinking. International students are encouraged to discuss and debate in the learning process and to develop independent characters. For students who do not have the SAT or ACT, they can pursue a pathway program in either college or university.